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Federal cases can also include large amounts of drugs and possession of weapons. It is possible for a drug charge to be dropped. It is also possible to have charges dismissed after completing a diversion program, such as the Pre-trial Intervention Program or PTI. Some people have had their drug charges dismissed by becoming Confidential Informants. Some factors to consider are the weight of the drug, the reasonableness of the search and your prior criminal history.

Some colleges and universities prohibit you from obtaining financial aid if you have a drug conviction on your criminal record. With that said, these convictions will only count against the student for financial aid purposes if the crime was committed during a time when the student was already receiving federal student aid.

It depends on what crime you were Pennsylvania with. If you are eligible for an expungement for a drug charge, you must wait three years from the date of conviction to begin the expungement process.

Medical marijuana patient in Rhode Island arrested in York County.

A lawyer can assist you in this process. Generally, you must have no other convictions on your record before or after your drug conviction in order to qualify. If you were on parole or probation as a result of a drug conviction, this charge is not eligible for an expungement.

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Officers have discretion in determining how to file Possession of Drug Paraphernalia charges. For example:. While filing numerous charges of possession of drug paraphernalia may not be fair, it is legal, and some officers do engage in such a practice. Felony convictions do not necessarily disqualify residents of the Keystone State from owning guns while some misdemeanors do.

You cannot purchase a firearm in Pennsylvania if you:.

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If you are in possession of the following, you can be charged with Possession with Intent to Distribute:. Talk to an attorney and explore your options. You do not necessarily have to retain the attorney, but you can get some advice that may be helpful. Remember: The decisions you make now can impact you for years to come. A felony drug charge and conviction can ruin your life. If you have been charged with a drug crime, call the Fishman Firm. I can help develop a winning strategy.

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What are the Classifications of Drug Charges in Pennsylvania? The Court may consider factors such as these: Is this your first, second, third, etc. Or a different drug?

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  8. The most common marijuana charges many people face is for possession. For a first offense, a judge may offer a year on probation instead. After the first offense, repeat offenders will not be able to forego jail time or the fines by getting probation instead. In addition to possession, individuals in Pennsylvania can be charged with the sale and distribution of marijuana. These charges can range from a simple misdemeanor with minimal consequences up to more serious felony charges that can lead to an extensive criminal record.

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    This is one of the most important areas of marijuana law you should fully understand to protect yourself. If you are caught trying to sell up to 30 mg, you will face similar misdemeanor consequences to possessing a similar amount. However, selling anything beyond 30 mg will result in felony charges that carry more serious consequences. These consequences double when individuals sell to minors. Pennsylvania also has very stringent DUID laws.

    Medical marijuana patient in Rhode Island arrested for possession in York County

    If you are stopped while driving in Pennsylvania and are suspected of operating the vehicle while under the influence, you can be remanded to a hospital for a blood test. In the case of the active ingredient in marijuana, THC, the measurement set as the minimum for impairment under PA state law is 1 nano-gram per milliliter of THC in the blood. While possession and distribution are the two most common charges, there are others you may face based on your actions.