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An individual applying for a Birth Certificate must appear in person. No individual can appear and request a birth certificate on another individual. There are a few exceptions. Click here for more information. A state issued picture identification that includes a photograph that clearly identifies the applicant as the same.

A current U. Passport with current photograph that clearly identifies the applicant as the same. For students that are in high school or below, a current school yearbook or a current school identification document with a photograph that clearly identifies the applicant as the same.

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Note: This counts as two documents. Birth Certificates are needed for many reasons such as applying for a driver's license, obtaining a passport, a school registration, employment, obtaining a Social Security Number and more.

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Birth certificates don't have an official expiration date but many agencies and public institutions require recently acquired certificates to complete most of the above mentioned processes. With many years of experience, we help you locate and receive the correct vital records certificate and if needed, you can rely on us for the complete legalization process of your documents. All online! One web page, one single form! New York State or City? If the person was born in any other place in New York State, excluding the mentioned boroughs just complete the form below.

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We can send the documents to an address in the US and then you can have someone mail the document to you, however, we are not able to do so. Please verify the email address is correct before submitting the order. You will be given an Order Number after submitting the order. If needed for legal purposes in another country, you will need an Apostille or a Certificate of Authentication. We can help! After you receive your certificate, please contact us via your My Order portal and we will inform you of the simple steps and cost necessary to proceed with legalizing your document.

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Date Revised: October 2, I have read and I accept the Terms and Conditions. Please review the online form to order your certificate. Box 40 Belle Chasse, LA Primary documents - One 1 document required: A state issued drivers license that includes a photograph A state issued picture identification A current U.

Military identification card that includes a photograph Secondary Documents - Two 2 documents required: Student I. The Social Security numbers must coincide with the social security numbers on the W-2 forms and social security card Original Adoption papers An Original Louisiana High School or college diploma Louisiana vehicle registration or certificate title Insurance Policy Pay roll stub Military dependent I. Legal guardian of the person named in the certificate. Legal guardian must have a judgment of custody.