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As yet, there has been no indication about how often Miley herself will feature.

Brandi Cyrus

Brandi will be presenting "Seriously Social", a weekly rundown of Cyrus family news on Twitter and Instagram, as well as her own fashion and style show. Although there was no mention of a regular segment starring the Wrecking Ball singer, her image and Twitter page were featured. Given that the year-old has consistently made headlines in for her controversial behaviour, she is clearly the biggest attraction and the main reason that viewers will tune in.

There are more than 15, subscribers to the Seriously Cyrus YouTube channel , and momentum is picking up on official Facebook and Twitter pages. It is unsure how many episodes will air, or how successful it will be in comparison to other family-based reality shows, such as Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Kim needs to take responsibility for herself. It is up to HER to get sober and no one else can accomplish that. She is being let off the hook. She is aware of her problems and has been through rehab on more than one occasion. Kim is a coward. What is an addict doing taking care of a terminal cancer patient? They always glam Kim up for the intro, and she always looks ridiculous. I caught that too , and it creeped me out , to have that allegiance to Brandi because you love her, but not to your sister who you say you love as well. Kim is loving the one , who is allowing her a supply of drugs and alchohol ,and thats Brandi.

It was the same dynamic as with the thugish boyfriend she took to Hawaii, a you and me against the world menality. Two fucked up , dysfunctional people telling eachother , that its everyone else thats the problem ,. Until Kim should be appreciative Eileen and Lisa R are coming from a good place.

Miley Cyrus family: siblings, parents, children, husband

It boils down to Kim is an addict and she has everyone running scared and walking on eggshells to not talk about it. Bitch, please. There are functioning alcoholics who hold down jobs where they work 50, 60 hours a week. Watching Brandi turning shit around to act and like Yolanda was attacking her when she was offering to help her, made me want to knock my head against the wall — a conversation with Brandi is like talking to a moron. Angie, once again… I wish we were in the same room watching these episodes. LOL We would have so much fun. I resent every stupid minute I have had to watch Kim mumble through a scene, and stare blankly at the camera.

I guess they can get as vicious and pissed off as they want to , but while theyre fighting that battle , Kim could go to sleep and never wake up again. I dont blame Kyle though ,. Its not a time for politeness or apathy unless you just want to wait for the phone call.

Changes in Family Dynamics and Support Systems

Lisa R is a complete stranger to Kim. It could be the last chance Kyle has to try to get Kim to admit she needs and actually get the help she needs. The cunning that addicts think they possess becomes less so as the relapse after relapse becomes all too familiar and the same b. Kim is losing her touch. I think she went to rehab the last time because Bravo wanted her to and or paid for it.

Kim would need a long term sober living environment to even have a chance of making it. She must not even have a sponsor, because the sponsor would have fought her tooth and nail to let Monty move into the house with his treasure trove, and the whole group would have jumped down her throat. No doubt her kids have some serious issues, but she is the teary Mom waving in the driveway waving her hanky as they happily go off to college or grown up lives. Meanwhile, what is she doing to help Chad who was baker-acted in and is still living at home at 16 yrs.

Focus on him, Kim. I see right through you.

That is exactly how it plays out Janet — you said it perfectly. Kim wants to stay high! Saying that all Kim is on is her patch then made an oopsie face. I have a couple of pounds of fentanyl patches left from my treatment in They can fuck you up. I am small, below lb. At some point my butcher doctor-not necessarily hate gave me over mg. Lala land it was. I dropped that shit in two weeks and got yelled. I thought I was having a heart attack. I guess I was lucky to survive. I kind of confused dropping this shit with other hotflashes and stuff.

Just a short story…. I have no idea how to dispose…. Yeah, Oopsie, those patches can fuck you UP. My husband was on them for years-he didnt abuse them, and took them as directed, but I dont care how many pills you take, you pop a patch on and arent used to them? Forget it. And no one can convince me that she is being prescribed them. Hi Allison, I see you know what I am talking about.

I hope your husband is ok.. I am clear and not taking any of the fucking patches, only sometimes — pain driven — tapping into morphine or oxi..

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Otherwise I love my herbs Heineken and would not replace it for anything. Hey, maybe Brandi has taken a liking to the patches and they have patch parties? Please be careful with who you tell in your life that you have these drugs in your home. Hello-we all know. Kim is getting high. Secret blown. Personally, I wonder if there may be other secrets like abuse or something. A lot of addicts have hidden secrets in their past. Of course I could just be a conspiracy theorists!

Considering the number of former child stars who have talked about being sexually abused, it would not surprise me in the slightest if she had experienced something like that. I think so. Youre right.

Miley Cyrus: Her 5 Talented Siblings

Most substance abuse people have a painful past, or a defining moment , that impacted them to the point , that they took the path of numbing the pain. It tends to be sexual, emotional, physical abuse or neglect. I hope youre wrong. Kim obviously had an unconventional upbringing. She lacks normal social skills. I would put money on the fact that Kim has found herself in a physical abusive relationship. Probably when she was full out drinking. I just suspect that there is something in her past, that at 50, she still has never dealt with.

I know Kim is running her mouth and it has to be scaring Kyle. Also… will be interesting to see if Kim even shows up to the Reunion this year. Brandi sounded sooo mature when she said that when people tell her not to do things, she just does those things more. That is beyond childish. I hope she watches these episodes and sees what an idiot she is.

I also loved how she said she was not wrong regarding the Kyle fight. Does she really think she has any fans left? Yes she does. Very abusive and abrasive fans. They are attacking everybody that is not Brandi getoffmyTV boat. Just look at the tape of this show. Let them be little and enjoy being a kid! Brandi can never take a good, hard look at herself. She is incapable. Just like Kim. But Kim is a better friend. I doubt she would blurt out that Brandi snorts coke or whatever just an example on national t. Wonder how Kim feels about her now. I would never forgive that smug, nasty bitch.

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