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Hall has been calling individuals demanding payment for bail, civil cases, or for taxes not paid or owed. The caller states that Who's in Jail? Current Inmate List.

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See who's Current Inmate list. This information is usually updated every 10 minutes. Jarnigan, William v. Rock County Jail Filed: July 23, as cv Petitioner: William Jarnigan.

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Respondent: Rock County Jail. Latham et al Filed: January 29, as cv Plaintiff: Gregory Scott Weber.

Allsop v. Weber County Jail et al Filed: December 26, as cv Plaintiff: Alex R. Garcia v. Ogden Police Department et al Filed: April 3, as cv Plaintiff: Tony Andrew Garcia.

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Blair v. Plaintiff: Delfon Blair. Every state has its own bar association and it can be a good place to begin your search for an attorney in your area. Here is a starting point for Utah state court information and county jail contacts.

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For addresses, phone numbers, and other information please check out the Utah State Courts website : www. For your convenience, you may also view the Utah State Bail Code. Ste B. Call us: E-mail: utahbailbonds netzero.

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