How to get a background check on yourself

Driving Abstract: if you are applying for a job as a courier, taxi driver, truck driver or related occupations, is your driving history free of major accidents and motor vehicle offences? The service will probably start with a simple online search.

How to Do Employee Background Checks

So clean up your digital dirt at a minimum. Verifying the facts about you that exist for others to see, as described above, can take a bit of time and cost a few dollars. You may also want to read. Comments By commenting, you agree to Monster's privacy policy , terms of use and use of cookies. Take The Monster Poll!

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  • How to run a background check on yourself!
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Take our poll. Most background check services get their data from their personal databases and public directories. Once your results come back and you purchase your report, you can view the information found.

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What could be included in your report includes your full name, current and past addresses, financial, criminal, work, and education history, and much more. In the event you need to search yourself online, you now know how to get a background check on yourself.

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Typical employment background checks include the following personal information:. Yet you could be in for an unpleasant surprise. You may have been a victim of identity theft, or you might share a name and even a birth date with someone who has a shady reputation.

How Can You Run an Employment Background Check on Yourself?

You can discover some of that with a simple Google search. Running your own background check is a more comprehensive way to take control of your job search. Finding out about any errors gives you the opportunity to correct the information. And half of all employers surveyed say they disqualify applicants who lie.

Background Checks Include:

Still, not all discrepancies are intentional. Dates of employment may be open to interpretation.

  • With This Company's New Tool, You Can Run a Free Background Check on Yourself!
  • How to run a background check on yourself.
  • Free Criminal Background Checks.

For example, suppose you started as an independent contractor for a company, then went full-time. You might list your start date as the date of your initial contract. Your former employer might list it as the first day of your full-time employment. If your alma mater or previous employer provides different details than you, that raises questions about your honesty.