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Compare car insurance quotes to get the lowest rates in Ontario. Enter your information. Secure your rate by talking to a licensed broker. What you need to know about auto insurance in Ontario. Looking for more auto insurance info? Check out our Help Centre. Who sets auto insurance rates in Ontario?

What factors determine auto insurance rates in Ontario? The following variables are used to determine your insurance rate in the province: Your driving experience.

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Your driving record. Your age and gender. Where you drive. The type of vehicle you drive. How you use your vehicle. How much coverage you need. How do Ontario auto insurance rates compare to other provinces? Will auto insurance rates in Ontario go down anytime soon? Quarter Rate change Q3 Jul.

There are many ways to get cheap car insurance in Ontario. Here's what you can do: Compare quotes online. Pay premiums on time. Choose the right insurance coverage. Complete a certified driver training program. Insure all your vehicles with the same company. Use winter tires insurers offer discounts. The amount you pay for car insurance ultimately depends upon how risky the insurance company thinks you are to insure. A number of factors can contribute to this, including your location, your driving history, and your age.

According to the Transport Accident Commission TAC , young drivers in Victoria are almost four times more likely to be in a car accident, which results in a serious injury or crash, than more experienced drivers.

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Factors like this may increase the car insurance premium for young drivers. What does market value and agreed value mean? Agreed value is an amount you and the insurer have agreed upon at the start of your policy for the period of insurance. In most cases, the figure may still reduce to account for depreciation at time of renewal.

Ensure you review the Product Disclosure Statement for policy inclusions, limitations and exclusions. How can I reduce my car insurance premium? While insurers calculate premiums differently, there are a number of things you can do which may reduce the cost of your car insurance premiums.

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These include but are not limited to: Parking your car in secure parking such as in lock-up garage if possible, to reduce the risk of theft, vandalism, flood or storm damage claims Buying a car fitted with an immobiliser or a security alarm, or having them installed. This may reduce the risk of theft and damage claims Driving less often. For example, catching public transport to work. What is a no claims discount? This discount is usually applied to your premium, partly as a reward for not making a claim and partly out of loyalty for you staying with your provider. Eligibility for the discount can vary depending on your insurance provider and their criteria.

When reviewing policies and providers, it might be worth finding out about their no-claims discount and discovering the length of time that has to pass in order for you to be eligible. In some cases, insurance providers may carry over your no-claims discount from another provider. In some cases, a provider may not offer a no-claims discount, and will instead offer a reduced premium based on other risk related information.

Does car insurance cover unlisted drivers? Whether your car insurance covers unlisted drivers ultimately depends upon your individual policy. In some cases, it may increase the cost of your excess should they be driving when an accident occurs. In other cases, it could result in the refusal of a claim. What is excess in car insurance? Just like some other forms of insurance, such as travel or home and contents insurance, car insurance can have an excess payment.

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Find affordable insurance today! Compare rates and choose a policy! Car insurance comparison by driving history Naturally, insurance companies use your driving past as an indicator of how you will drive in the future. Compare top insurance companies now! Compare car insurance by credit score Another major contributor to your car insurance rate is your credit score. Compare rates today! Compare car insurance costs by vehicle make and model The type of vehicle you insure will impact your car insurance rate.

Compare car insurance rates for luxury cars Compare car insurance rates for hybrids and EVs Compare car insurance rates for minivans Compare car insurance rates for pickup trucks Compare all vehicles. Get free auto insurance quotes! Compare car insurance rates by location Your location can have a huge impact on your insurance premium. See personalized insurance rates! Don't just take our word for it Read real reviews from our customers and see why The Zebra is the 1 insurance comparison site.

This company is outstanding in all your insurance needs. Great upfront information on all your options to choose which one is right for you. Recent Questions: Auto Insurance. Should I get full coverage from a less well-known insurer? Whether or not the company is a "mainstream" provider doesn't mean that you would have a bad claims experience.

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There are several companies out there that have been around for several years and just don't advertise like other companies. If I cancel my insurance mid-month, will I get my money back? Most companies, including Progressive, usually bill you ahead of time. Meaning, if you pay your bill on the 1st for the 1stst and cancel on the 10th, you would get the remaining days of the months of premium back.

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