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The institutions shall make available to visitors on request a list of the major transportation resources available to facilitate access to the institution. Each institution may have procedures that limit the number, frequency, and length of visits due to space or staffing considerations. An OP-MTV F-1, Visitation Application form will need to be completed for the individual as a requirement of the normal visiting application process.

The visitor will have 30 days to complete and return the application to CVA before being removed from the approved visiting list. A visitor may be on the approved list of only one offender, unless an exception is made per section C or D in this policy. Visitor applications shall be provided to the offender at each institution.

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The visiting application shall be sent to CVA for processing. All applications shall be date stamped when received by the CVA.

Processing and investigation of these applicants will not be initiated until the offender is moved out of reception. Nothing in this policy precludes an institution from making subsequent NCIC checks. If denied or approved with restrictions, reasons shall be entered into ICON. Applicants can reapply after six months of denial. The CVA will not release visit status information.

All visitors shall be grouped by family units. All applications shall be retained at the CVA for six months following the date of the decision. Denied applications will be forwarded to the institution where the offender resides if an appeal is filed. Visitation Denials and Exceptions For security reasons, the following persons shall not be approved visitation except as otherwise authorized: 1. Individuals whose behavior represents a control problem that is counterproductive to stable offender behavior. This determination may be reflected in the background investigation report which shows that the individual has a record of carrying concealed weapons, use of a controlled substance, previous violations of institutional rules, or similar behavior.

Persons currently under correctional supervision, on probation, work release, or parole. Persons under criminal indictment; 4. Persons involved with or convicted of incidents of aiding an escape or introducing contraband in any detention or supervised correctional setting; 5. Persons who falsify or omit information on the visitation application or other requested information; Exception: Where it is reasonably determined that the omission was unintentional or inconsequential, CVA may authorize visitation. Persons who may compromise the order and security of the institution.

Any person who is on the approved list of another offender regardless of the location of the offender shall not be approved for visitation unless the person is a member of the immediate family of the offenders. Minors shall not be approved visitation with an offender whose prior or current conviction involves a minor. Exception: In certain circumstances, where the conviction is not a sex offense and where it appears that visitation is in the best interest of the minor, the CVA may approve visitation after consultation with the Regional Assistant Deputy Director.

Where the current or past convictions include a sex offense against a minor, the CVA shall not approve visitation with the minor.

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Upon successful completion of the Sex Offender Treatment Program, the offender may request approval with a minor. The request shall be reviewed by the Sex Offender Treatment Team. The decision to approve or deny visitation shall be based upon the progress in treatment, results of the polygraph, the potential for family reunification, and, as the most significant issues, the welfare of the child. Where the conviction involves a crime against a person, such visitation may be approved only following review by, and authorization of, the Office of Victims and Restorative Justice Programs.

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The approval or denial of the application shall be based upon an assessment of potential future victimization balanced against the positive aspects of visitation including reunification of family and successful offender reentry into the community. In the case of victims of domestic violence, visitation may be considered once the offender is active in recommended treatment and has the recommendation of the treatment facilitator and Correctional Counselor. Such visitation requests shall be reviewed and authorized by the Office of Victim and Restorative Justice.

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Exceptions: Former volunteers including those who were removed from volunteer status as a result of misconduct shall not be approved for visitation unless a familial relationship exists with the offender. Former volunteers who left volunteer status in good standing will generally not be allowed visitation privileges with offenders known solely as a result of their volunteer activities. Exceptions may be approved by the CVA in CVA in consultation Deputy Director of Offender Services upon determination that the relationship remains a professional relationship and that there is significant benefit to approval of the visitation.

Approvals granted prior to May shall remain in place absent other factors. Current volunteers, generally, shall not be allowed normal personal visitation privileges with any offender. Volunteer status shall be clearly noted in visitation approval documentation. Under certain limited circumstances, the Deputy Director of Offender Services may authorize professional visitation privledges with one or more offenders for volunteers involved in reentry program such as approved Mentorship Programs, the purpose of such approvals shall be to facilitate the rehabilitative process within the institution or as part of 9 OP-MTV the reentry process.

Volunteer status, as well as any special authorization to be placed on more than one visiting list, shall be clearly noted in the visitation approval documentation.

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Appeals 1. Each appeal response will be entered in visitor comments in ICON. The Office of Victim Services shall ensure timely notification to the applicant. Two entities are associated with this address: Caduah Johnson, Coduah Johnson. Thomas Mullowney is associated with this address. Addy Home Improvement was registered at this address. Tettoh Addy is associated with this address. Market-to-go was registered at this address.

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