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Hide this message. Public libraries are open to everyone and most of their services are free. You can use some of the services in the library without becoming a member. In most libraries, you can read books, consult reference material, use the internet and study areas, and print and photocopy documents without being a member. However, you will need to join the library if you want to borrow books or other items, access online magazine and newspaper subscriptions or take online courses. The new library strategy Our Public Libraries aims to improve and develop national library services. The strategy has 3 programmes, reading and literacy, learning and information and community and culture.

Its aims include:. The services libraries provide differ depending on their size, location and policies. Some of the services available include:.

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You can contact your local library to see what services are available there. If the book you want is already out on loan, you can reserve it in your local library. The library will notify you when the book is available.

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You can also reserve books online using the national library catalogue. If you don't know your PIN, contact your local library. If the library does not have the book you want, you can request it online or at your local library. The library may purchase the book or look for a copy through the inter-library loan system.

This system lets libraries in Ireland, the UK, and around the world, loan items to each other for their members. You can access different library collections and services depending on your age and subject to terms and conditions , see details below:. The number of items you can borrow at any one time and the length of time you can keep them varies. You should ask for details at your local library. You are expected to be quiet in the library as other people may be using the facilities to study, work or read in peace. If you lose or damage an item, you must pay to replace it.

Parents and guardians are responsible for any fines or charges incurred by their children. All public libraries charge for photocopying. For further information on joining the library, you can read the membership terms and conditions. Each library service issues its own library card. Since the introduction of the Libraries Ireland initiative in , any valid public library card can be used to reserve and borrow items from any public library.

There is more information on public libraries on the Libraries Ireland website.

If you have a question relating to this topic you can contact the Citizens Information Phone Service on 07 Monday to Friday, 9am to 8pm or you can visit your local Citizens Information Centre. Introduction Public libraries are open to everyone and most of their services are free. Library services The services libraries provide differ depending on their size, location and policies.

Some of the services available include: Lending services — library members can borrow books, CDs, DVDs, audiobooks, e-books and other materials.

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Libraries also have many books available in large-print format. Children's lending service — most libraries have a junior section with books and other materials for children of all ages, from babies to teenagers. Internet services — all public libraries have computers that you can use to access the internet. In some cases you may need to be a member of your library to use the internet and you may have to book a session in advance.

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We would try to recover the system as soon as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. However, they are subject to the same selection process as those acquired through purchase, and acceptance generally depends on their conformity with the established selection criteria and ability to strengthen the library collection. The following range of materials is generally not considered, unless they are of our collection focus that are related to the study of Hong Kong and of high reference and research value: -.

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Once the materials are donated to HKPL, they are handled in accordance with the donation policy and procedures. All accepted donations should meet the collection development policy and require the approval of the Collection Development Meeting and that HKPL reserves the right to make the final decision on their retention, allocation, processing and disposal.

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Besides, donated items not accepted would not be returned to the donors unless prior agreement is made. Members of the public who wish to make donations to HKPL may download the Donation Record form for completion and bring together with the materials, or a sample copy of each material, if there are multiple copies, to any of the branch libraries during the opening hours. Skip to content.

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