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This sounded great, as I was headed to 1. I began gathering my bags and called to see where she was. As I was waiting for my bags to come out, I kept looking over towards the 1 area to see if I could see her. It took forever for my bags to come out, and during the time, we kept calling each other to ask if either could see the other. Julie and I were starting to wonder what the heck was up, but then decided that there must be several different terminals involved.

So we had just assumed there was only one…we should have known better! Yeah, after we kept calling each other asking "what do you see? It was then that I found out that there were two terminals. Can you say doh! So I went outside and hopped on a shuttle to the other terminal.

Once I finally saw Julie coming through the door, we were finally able to get in the very short line for a quick shuttle ride to our hotel, this time the Excalibur. Of course, we had wasted almost an hour between our terminal shenanigans and the shuttle ride, so by the time we got to the hotel to check in, it was almost 5pm. Julie had not yet received her PRESS badge, so we decided to grab something quick to eat and then head over to the convention center.

Judie and I had used the same exact information in our registration applications, but for some reason they declined my application and then they lost it.

By the time I got everything straightened out, it was too late to mail my badge to me. Shuttles were running until 6pm, so we were in luck. We caught the last bus and got off at the South hall with the one other passenger. Once inside, Julie got registered and we both picked up our press bags sponsored by Toshiba and scanned the aisles of press releases and info that were already set up.

This year the press bags were my favorite color, green.

Digital Life Expo opens in New York

Afterwards, we noticed that the computer room was somewhat empty, so we decided to take the opportunity to jump on the internet and check our email. Little did we know that this would be our last opportunity to do so for the rest of the trip! One cool thing we noticed was that the Dell C computers we were using in the press room were the same model as the two that Steve and I had just ordered for our home office.

I had not seen the C in person yet, so I was pleasantly surprised with the small size of the tower. I taught Judie how to use telnet and pine to check her email on our server. It was way faster and easier than using a web based client.

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After we had our fill of email mostly SPAM! One of the beautiful things about having a Press badge is that you get access to just about anywhere you would like to go, without a hassle. Before we entered the first showroom, Julie and I made a quick pit stop at a beaming station to get the latest vendor booth list….

The application beamed to my HP actually worked this year. Not that I really used it that much. But hey, I could if I needed to. Then we took a look at the mayhem that precedes the show. Forklifts, boxes, sweaty guys huffing heavy objects and other guys that get paid to point.

Julie and I were looking forward to our appointment the next day where we would learn more about them. There sure are a lot of man hours and flitting around that makes a show like this all come together. It would be interesting to know just how many people were involved in the whole thing. We eventually started to get thirsty, so we headed over to the Hilton hotel, which is next door to the convention center a friendly security guard that moved to Vegas way back in gave us directions.

On our way, we were stopped by Scott Hynd and two of his LobeMan co-workers.

Gadgeteer Time Machine

We chatted for a bit, and he was nice enough to give us a sample of the new LobeMan FM Radio earpiece. More on that, later. During the whole trip, Judie and I were stopped by various people that happened to see our name tags. We received several "I love your site" accolades, which made us feel like mini celebs. We had honestly planned on going to the Digital Experience Show, but by now it was almost 8pm the DE show started at 7pm , and we were tired!

So instead, we caught one of the shuttles bussing people back from the keynote. Once we got back to the hotel, we took time to go through all of the materials we had picked up in the press room. About this time, we realized that we would have neither internet access nor a good cell phone signal in our third floor room.

Julie suggested I give the LobeMan a try, and I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it got a great signal in our cave — clearly picking up quite a few Vegas stations, including one that played the alternative rock that I like. After wearing the LobeMan for over half an hour, I was surprised that it had never started bugging my ear and that I was actually enjoying wearing the thing. I tried it on too and also found it to be more comfortable that I thought it would be. We awoke at 7am, which felt really early, and after getting ready decided that the buffet downstairs made the most sense for breakfast.

Oddly enough, the Bell Desk is where hotel guests are supposed to leave their electronics. So we trekked over there and I checked my Fujitsu. If you were in line at the buffet, maybe you noticed us. We were the total geeks with our Press bags trailing behind us as we went through the line. Yeah, it was slightly difficult to jungle the bag handle and a humungous plate of food as we walked down the serving line. Julie and I raced up the elevator to our room, and I thought I would throw up when I realized that the room had already been cleaned! Never mind the fact that the rapper Nelly had had one million dollars worth of jewelry stolen from his room in the same hotel.

Can you blame me if I was completely paranoid?! As I looked in the bathroom, I breathed a sigh of relief seeing my two rings lying there untouched. I know it pays to be careful, but this experience totally restored my faith in the hotel service industry. Julie and I headed down the elevators again, and then got in a l-o-n-g line that was forming in the rear rotunda.

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Soon, the shuttle bus arrived and we were on our way. We were definitely ready to start the day and see some gadgets! Once we got to the convention center, it was obvious that the calm we had seen the night before was the quiet before the storm. There were people everywhere, and it was just insane!

Figuring that there were way more passes being handed out than there would be room for attendees, Julie and I just pocketed the laminated passes. Heck, in the Sirius booth alone there were quite a few music acts , never mind the minor celebrities that were scattered around the convention center in various booths.

Video calls over the Net and other tech treats

I am mentioning this because I just want you, our readers, to get an idea of the kind of money being spent at this show. From the advertising to the entertainment to the construction, millions had to have been spent on this show… Just to give you an idea of some of the sillier things that money was spent on, there were people dressed in blue suits and dark sunglasses that walked through the aisles handing out blue business cards that said "Get Connected" on one side in various languages and had the Bluetooth logo on the other.

As we arrived for our Jeep meeting, we greeted Brian Murphy. He showed us some of the new items that will be coming out from the Jeep line of consumer products. Julie and I both thought this was a cool product, a "stop-light" for your garage. According to Brian, this Power Station can hold a charge for weeks.

follow site I guess I am behind the times, but I can honestly say that I have never felt a need to sing Karaoke unless you count singing along with the radio.. Jeep seemed to have added lights to quite a few of their products…. After our meeting, we ambled back over towards the South hall. Believe it or not, we were already hungry again. RCA was kind enough to be sponsoring a free press luncheon Thursday through Friday, so we got in line.

Here is what it looked like as we left — cattle call! While the food was actually quite good, the seating situation was very very cramped. As we were leaving the luncheon, we ran into the comedian, Gallagher.

He was holding his trademark slice of watermelon natch. Julie and I decided that we were going to knock out the South and North halls in one day. Perhaps we were being a bit ambitious, but it was growing very obvious that this was the largest CES ever, and that we were going to be hard pressed to see everything. As we entered the South hall and started to take in some of the booths, we came across Griffin Technologies , makers of the Parental Control Key , which I thought looked very interesting. Expect a review in the near future.

The Parental Control Key is a small USB drive like device that when plugged into a PC, will allow a parent to restrict applications, files, and internet usage. An aisle or so over, we came across ICP Solar. Imagine being able to power your gear while you wear your jacket — not a bad idea — especially if you are outside much of the day.

The jacket looked much better on the form than it did the model, no offense to the model. She was so tiny that the jacket looked like an oversized trench coat on her petite frame. Maybe a male model would have been a better…unless Scott is going to add XX Small to the available sizes? In addition to the panels sewn into the jacket, a small charger module that you connect your devices to is included.