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As data becomes available, we put it online, including it's county's page. We welcome your feedback and comments, and of course, your data contributions. You are welcome to browse the information here to gather the data needed in your research. Please remember that this data represents hours of painstaking research by the State Coordinator, Volunteers, and Contributors, who donate to this site. As early as , explorers came to the area now known as Rabun County. In the s, the population of Cherokee in the area was so heavy in the area that this portion of the Appalachian Mountains were sometimes called the "Cherokee Mountains.

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There were at least four Cherokee settlements in what would later become Rabun County. There were also two Cherokee settlements of unknown division, Chicherohe Chechero , which was destroyed during the American Revolutionary War, located along Warwoman Creek, east of Clayton, and Eastertoy Eastatowth, Estatowee which was located near the present-day Dillard. John Dillard and his family were among the first documented settlers in the area in as a result of a land grant for his service in the American Revolution.

The settlers were initially tolerated, but tensions increased as displaced Cherokees moved in from other areas.

The county is named for William Rabun, who served as the 11th Governor of Georgia from his election in until his death in In , the legislature redefined the Rabun-Habersham county line. Although the county was largely untouched by the Civil War, the area did border on anarchy during that time. With an average annual rainfall of over 70 inches, Rabun County has the title of the rainiest county in Georgia and one of the rainiest counties east of the Mississippi River.

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With him and the occasional wooden spoon, she raised five girls. Mama was a stay at home mom, talented artist and gifted seamstress. She made all of our clothes when we were young and with the scrap material she made clothes for our Barbie dolls.

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She helped coach our softball teams, taught swim lessons, and was a lifeguard. She looked great in her swimsuit, too.

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She taught many kids how to swim in Logan and Boone Counties in Arkansas. Mama was a true southern lady. She never went anywhere without her hair fixed and face on. Our Mama was soft spoken, kind, graceful and loved to laugh, especially at herself. She loved to have a good time, she also loved dressing up on Halloween and coming to our grade school class rooms to help with parties.

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She could do a mean Tina Turner impression and had the legs to pull it off. She is survived by her daughters Cindi Savage J. B of Mt. Numerous nieces, nephews and cousins also survive.

Rondal Owen officiating. Burial will follow in the church cemetery. Directions Text Details Email Details. Funeral Service.