What makes a dui a felony

Moreover, finding the best defense how to get out of a felony DUI , is done so through reviewing the arrest details as with a misdemeanor driving under the influence offense. Under what the new laws are in most states, most drivers of either type of offense will now also have to get an ignition interlock device installed to be able to legally drive again. This is because in every state it is illegal for anyone to commit an offense of operating a vehicle, boat, bicycle, machinery, aircraft or train equipment:.

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The circumstances of what happened and the details of the DUI arrest, is how to determine if the offense is a felony, or a less serious misdemeanor. However it is important to realize that both still will carry very expensive and serious penalties upon a conviction of either type of charge. A felony DUI conviction for example, can likely require jail-time of more than one year, even for a 1st offense.

New penalties imposed by every state today, makes it all the more crucial to explore every possible way how to get out of a felony DUI before the consequences begin to take effect. When a driver has any type of felony conviction on their criminal record, it will have devastating consequences which will linger much longer that than any initial jail, Ignition Interlock, or license suspension penalties. As mentioned previously, based upon the arrest and case details, the prosecution will decide to prosecute a driving under the influence charge case in one of two ways:.


Felony Drunk Driving / Felony DUI

The prosecution has a lot of discretion on how to charge a person with DUI based upon the police report and other evidence that was collected. What this means is that whoever the prosecuting attorney is, will be a major factor for how they decide to proceed with a case against a driver. Based upon how strong they feel the case is, the prosecution lawyer might choose to pursue the charges for a more common misdemeanor conviction, or go for the far more serious offense of a felony DUI conviction. There is a variety of factors and different evidence for what is used by the arresting police officer, and later by the prosecutor attorney to decide how a person will be charged with DUI for either a misdemeanor or possibly a felony.

What makes a DUI or DWI a felony?

Regardless of which type of offense a driver gets arrested and charged for, what all driving under the influence arrests have in common is first determined by the actions or perceived condition of a driver during the traffic stop which will include these 9 common factors:. After a 3rd DUI — it will usually be a felony offense: a minimum jail sentence of 6 months to 2 years is likely; a driving license will be suspended for at least 3 years; and in some cases an Ignition Interlock device will be required for several years to life in order to still legally drive.

Driving under the influence with an extremely high BAC: The prosecution attorney may very well consider the DUI or DWI case a felony with far more severe consequences for a driver that tested for a blood alcohol level far above the legal. You face severe penalties if you caused a fatal car accident while under the influence.

Factors that determine whether a DUI/DWI is a misdemeanor or felony.

You face 15 years to life in state prison. It becomes life without parole if you have a prior murder conviction. A prior DUI felony will automatically result in your being charged with another DUI felony, regardless if you caused an injury or fatality.

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You are more likely to be charged if you caused an accident with a serious injury or fatality. This carries a sentence of up to 6 years in state prison. DUI With Fatality 4.

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  • This can lead to additional charges and increase the fines and jail sentence. This would include: Driving at a high speed , Having a passenger who is 14 or under, Fleeing a police officer , or Being under probation. Accident Resulting In Serious Injury. It can include broken bones, deep lacerations, permanent scarring or a disability. Should you be charged with a felony below you can see the penalties compared to a misdemeanor:.

    How to Find Out If a DUI, DWI Offense is a Felony

    Great Bodily Injury years for each victim served consecutively. Of course, the penalties increase if the offender has had a previous DUI felony conviction. DUI With Fatality.

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    To be charged, the prosecution must prove you:. Drove under the influence of alcohol or drugs And committed a misdemeanor or infraction or lawful act that was likely to lead to death The act was committed with ordinary or gross negligence A person was killed as a result of the negligent act. If charged with a misdemeanor, you face:. A felony DUI Charged as Murder You face severe penalties if you caused a fatal car accident while under the influence.

    What is a Watson Advisement? Prior DUI Felony. This can be from: One prior conviction if it was a DUI with serious injury or fatality where you were convicted for a felony, or If you were convicted of a felony DUI because it was your 4 th DUI within 10 years. There are aggravating circumstances that can increase your penalties once convicted of DUI.