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Most Recent Recalls. Source: official gov. Most Recent Complaints. Submitted by other owners of this model.

VIN Lookup: How to Decode Your VIN

How many characters: 17 digits and capital letters Where to find: Dashboard on the driver's side First digit stands for: Country of manufacturer. How would you rate your driving?

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  5. Take a free quiz. You can sometimes find limited license plate owner information, vehicle information, vehicle history report , vehicle description and other related public records. With online license plate resources you can save yourself the trouble of visiting the DMV and waiting in line. The only draw back to online database resources is most of them are for reference only and if you need official documentation then the DMV will still be your best option.

    Nationwide DMV Finder. If you have the license plate number of a vehicle you can also find the VIN number with our online license plate lookup. This is a good means of identifying and verifying any vehicle you lookup. A VIN number will give you the make and model, manufacturer, body style, engine, year and much more. The VIN number is a 17 digit code that will allow you to verify every detail of the vehicle in question.

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    A free license plate number lookup can also give you safety and recall information about a vehicle. To do this you will want to use your free license plate lookup results mentioned above and visit the NHTSA. Vehicle Safety Ratings.

    How to Find Any Vehicle & Owner Information/Registration/Full Details by Number Plate? 2017

    In order to perform a license plate lookup with our vehicle record database you must first read and agree to the terms and conditions of this search. Then you must input the entire license plate number and state of license plate registration to lookup vehicle records online. These records are for online reference only and cannot be used for legal purposes, hiring, tenant screening, academic applications or security clearances.

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    Our license plate number lookup can be accessed by anyone with a laptop, computer, tablet or smartphone that has internet access. Again, it all comes back to the need for a good diagnostic mechanic to thoroughly look the car over before you buy it! In fact, you may want to run the VIN through all three and see what comes back. All the data you get back on your free VIN report should match up across provider. See what additional steps you must take to protect yourself here. Get answers to your money questions delivered to your inbox daily! Insert details about how the information is going to be processed.