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Families react to arrest of Maricopa County Assessor charged with human smuggling, selling children

There are nearly 30 pending adoptions in Arkansas, Arizona and Utah that were being handled by Petersen's company, according to court documents. The women in Utah were "frightened and nervous" after Petersen was arrested, according to an affidavit filed by a special agent with the Utah attorney general's office.

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They didn't have money, cellphones or transportation, prosecutors said. The agent also said Peterson and his associates would take passports from the Marshallese women while they were in the U.

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Petersen has been unfairly ping-ponged between state and federal custody and has been largely denied access to his lawyer, Long said. That has made it hard for Petersen to defend himself and for lawyers, mothers and adoptive families to understand the ramifications for pending adoptions, he said. Petersen's life — a care and concern for the Marshallese community," Long said. Long said Petersen has no plans to resign from his elected position determining the value of properties for tax purposes. Arizona Gov.

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Doug Ducey and virtually all of Maricopa County's elected officials have said Petersen, a Republican, should quit because the charges make it difficult for him to serve. Category County.

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A woman who identified herself as "Linda" answered the agency's phone Wednesday but would not comment on the agency's relationship with Petersen. After Petersen was arrested, prosecutors were concerned about a flight risk. He was asked to surrender his passport at his next court appearance, which was scheduled for Oct.

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The Utah attorney general alleged that Petersen recruited more than 40 pregnant women from the Marshall Islands over the past three years and transported them to Utah, where they were paid to give up their children for adoption in the U. Adoption scam: 'They take your money Most of the transfers included notes indicating they were payments for adoptions. Prosecutors in Utah are not questioning completed adoptions, Reyes said.

His office does not anticipate any overturned adoptions as a result of the case. The U. Authorities characterized their operation as a scheme to defraud and take advantage of Marshallese women and families to make quick money.

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Attorney for the Western District of Arkansas, at a news conference in Springdale, Arkansas, which was streamed online. According to federal court documents, Petersen and Takehisa had offered to pay at least four Marshallese women to give up their babies for adoption in Arkansas. The count indictment filed in U.

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