Ohio board of nursing and dui

Be sure to tell me about your nursing license so that we can go over the specific ways we need to help you.

How to Help Protect Your Medical or Nursing License Following a DUI

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Please enter your phone number. You entered an invalid number. Please enter your zip code. Other employers may be lenient with a DUI. Some may still hire nurses with a misdemeanor DUI.

DUI & Nursing School | Can I Become a Nurse if I Had a DUI Before?

In most cases, a felony DUI that results in death or serious injury to a person can prevent nurses from getting hired by employers. It may also be very difficult to get hired by medical facilities that receive funding from the governments. They may have special regulations that prevent these facilities from hiring individuals with any type of DUI.

The chances of gaining employment are greater with independent medical facilities. They may offer nurses the last possible opportunity to gain employment from a potential employer.

July 27, 2009

It is always a good idea to check the employment requirements before applying for a job in order to know what to expect during the interview process. One of the questions that they may find on the NCLEX application pertains to legal convictions and board disciplinary actions. A DUI—even a first offense—may affect their ability to take the exam.

Most states require that applicants provide a notarized summary explaining the offense along with a certified copy of the final court documents.

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The court documents must come directly from the court in a sealed envelope. A DUI is a serious matter that may or may not prevent students from getting into nursing school and pursuing nursing jobs. A review of the application does not mean that they will not be allowed to take the exam. Posted by: Charles M. Subscribe in a reader.

Will I Lose My RN License For a DUI?

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