Of people under poverty threshold location

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Defining poverty

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CBS News.

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    Poverty and Inequality, in Charts.


    Federal Poverty Guidelines

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    Inequality - Poverty rate - OECD Data

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    Poverty in the United States

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    Moller, F. Nielsen, and J. Stephens American Sociological Review. Life in the United States. Census Bureau. Both the poverty thresholds and the poverty guidelines are the same for all mainland states, regardless of regional differences in the cost of living. They release these statistics in an annual report for the year and over time. They also make the data—with information that could be used to identify individuals removed—available online for researchers.

    The most recent report covers and was issued in September as Income and Poverty in the United States: It provides estimates of how many people are poor; the poverty rate, or percentage of people who are below the poverty threshold; and how poverty is distributed by age, race, ethnicity, region, and family type. The report also includes real median incomes and earnings, the level of income inequality, and poverty rates by sex. In addition to the income and poverty report, the Census Bureau also releases information on poverty and related information for states, counties, and other geographic divisions in annual reports also based on poverty thresholds.

    The U. The guidelines are a simpler version of the thresholds set with the official poverty measure, mostly used by federal agencies to determine eligibility for public programs such as food assistance. When using the poverty guidelines to determine eligibility, some programs use a percentage multiple of the guidelines, such as percent, percent, or percent. The federal government urges potential participants to ask the appropriate managing agency for the most accurate guidelines. Some examples of federal programs that use the poverty guidelines in determining eligibility include the following:.