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Periodically, one of the more than 25, active subscribers to our daily Good Word requests that we publish the entire list. Not wanting to surrender the precious cache I've been collecting over the years, I have resisted the temptation to surrender it to the public until now. However, as Oscar Wilde so aptly put it, "The only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it. Of course, I hope you enjoy reading about these people, most of whom I can, by now, picture in my mind and think of as friends and neighbors where I live, here in the village of Smoketown.

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If you can think of any of similar originality and quality, please send them to us via our contact page. They will, of course, become the property of Lexiteria LLC, our parent company. If you like those we have already, you might also enjoy our Funny Company Names pages. We have asked Fair Oaks for the courtesy of a reply to update our supporters. Immigration and Customs Enforcement custody. One suspect has been arrested! Edgar Gardozo-Vasquez, 36, of Brook, Indiana, has been taken into custody.

There are outstanding warrants for the other two suspects. Three men are now facing charges for these atrocious acts of cruelty. We must push for these men to be punished to the full extent of the law. Optional email code. Toggle navigation Support Us. Public Profile Settings Your pages. Deb Herndon. Patricia Lamonica. Dacia Steiner. Carma Fazio. Peggy Cortez. Paul Gogoe. Lilit Margaryan. Paul Rooney. Becky Bond.

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Yvonne Bell. Kristine Jorgensen. Jacquelyn Jachontow. Linda Gregory. Shelia Gilliland. Stationary junkie of sorts. Looking forward to February and lots of letter writing.

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The fountain pens are inked, the Tomoe River is ready, the postcards are stamped…woohoo year 3 for me. Like Liked by 4 people. Hi again!

I used to do some acting, especially during my studies. I like both dogs and cats a little shih-tzu stole my heart 5 years ago. When I get a spare moment, I love reading theatre plays, non-fiction and feature stories are probably what I reach for the most and publishing bits and pieces. Looking forward to sharing the passion! Hello from Tasmania! I often post but never see them on here? This is my 4th year and already posted 4 letters — excited about if I will receive any as in previous years!

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Bonjour tout le monde, second time for and i love it. I really hope to get some replies from the people I am writing to. This is my first year participating. I thought I remembered hearing or reading that one could add some personal info such as interests, hobbies, etc. Eventually I found this spot for comments, but wished that there were more and that all included names as they appear on the list…. Well, address and the assumption we all share a common interest in writing and receiving real letters and, granted, that is a big and an important one certainly.

I read mostly literary fiction and biography, especially literary biographies and — of course— collections of letters! James and Louise Penny. I also knit and love working in fair isle using Shetland wool. Ah, and Ann Cleeves, speaking of Shetland! We have three grown daughters and two granddaughters. Happy Incowrimo, everybody. This is my first year taking part in InCoWriMo. I wrote what I felt in that moment. I love everything related to stationery, as we all do here I think. I love music different kinds, but definitely what I listen to is not usually very radio-friendly and books.

I also like English literature, some theatre and poetry. As for the letters, I always write about me, I try to experiment with what I write about myself. I like to see how I construct the past, how I manipulate it. Letters are definitely a part of me. Thought I would write a little about myself in hopes of getting some letters! My name is Brittany. I look forward to hearing from you! I would like it if there is interests that people have so then easier to know who to write to. I have many interests listening to music, reading, watching movies and series, internet, writing, cross-stitching, crafts, and many more too many to list x.

I just discovered this list! Sadly February is nearly over. Is it OK if I just wait for the annotated list to go up and write to some folks over the course of the year once a day? Hello all, this is my first year… thanks again Jillan Edwards. I have written 30 letters so far and received 7 letters. I am still super excited!! I get a rush in the putting of pen to paper and making connections with amazing people.

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If you drop me a line I will make sure that you receive one of my handmade envelopes. I enjoy knitting, crocheting, growing food. I am also a soap maker. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

click here You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Welcome to the address book for the remainder of All names in this address book will be removed by the end of November. We update this list as often as necessary and possible to make any additions and corrections. Cheers everyone.. H8, SC. Like this: Like Loading