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Deeds of Overton Co. Many Tennessee family records can be found online and at various archives and libraries located throughout the state of Tennessee. Many millions of records aren't yet available online, though, and many of these are awaiting your discovery at the local level at county courthouses, historical societies, churches, county clerks' offices, cemeteries, and elsewhere in Tennessee.

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To find these and other records, click on the links below to find more information about the specific counties where your ancestors lived in Tennessee. You'll find information on these pages that will lead you to the specific documentation you're searching for. It is important to keep in mind when doing research that the names and boundaries of certain counties in Tennessee have changed over the past two hundred years.

Your ancestors may have lived on a certain farm in one county and when borders were redrawn records relating to your family history might have been located in another area entirely. Also, Mary E. Funeral service was held Friday, Sept. They died when she was Agnes was a Threlfall daughter of Alice M.? My mother's family spelled their name Maynord but even her brother changed his spelling to Mainord when he moved to Indiana.

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How did you get you Jennifer, I do not have any of the names you mention, in my files. Are you also checking Maynard spelled Maynord? The few I have are spelled both ways.

Sorry I am no help on this for you. I need his date and place of death.

I would also like to find information regarding his children; maynord , Nancy, and Robert. John was born in Kentucky, his wife was Georgia Mitchener.. For some reason Maynord misspelled I'm sure comes to mind.

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Gosh I hope I've hit some kind of connection. By the way Her second husband was Allen Harley Turnbow. Does any of this sound familliar? March 29, Sugden, OK. My grandfather J. Maynord was born July 28 or 30th I appriciate your help Ron November 3 Stafford Hanifan b: Abt. Thank you for all the info on your side of the Zickefoose family and the photo's neither have I seen before that I can remember.

I'm looking for some birth records for thru If some one could help me find J. Maynord and Robbie Lee Maynords births I would be greatful!


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Eddie Maynord William Anderson b. Almarenda Myers Daniel b. Cue Franklin. Hope this information helps in some way. Marion, NC Robert L.

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July Will keep the numbers handy in case I need them. I noticed that you spelled the Mainord name Maynord and have seen that before. Do you know which relative changed it? I have down in my notes that i