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This transformer helps provide the silky smooth top end, and the full bottom end that anyone who had used a 47 mic has come to expect.

The WA uses a polystyrene coupling capacitor for an uncompressed top-end response from the capsule. The rest of the components are Wima film capacitors as well as an imported Solen French capacitor on the output, driving the output transformer.

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One component of a tube microphone that is often overlooked is the cable that connects the microphone to its power supply. When auditioning the WA and other tube microphones Warm say they learned quite a bit about 7 pin cables and how the shielding and wire gauge size can drastically change the sonics of a tube microphone. Using this cable increases top end presence and the overall size of the recorded image in the stereo field by reducing phase shift which can be an issue in poorly built cables.

Gotham Audio cables are expensive and boutique by their very nature so it's addition to the overall package should not be overrated. I have been working on a simple acoustic song for the past couple of days and wanted to try the WA for this project.

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So what you hear in these examples have been recorded with the WA straight into my Audient console with no EQ or Compression. The only processing you hear is a little reverb from Exponential Audio R4 set to a vocal plate and large hall for the percussion. You are hearing the instrument, voice and tone of the microphone and that is it.

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As you can see from the image below the Acoustic Guitar was recorded just above the sound hole pointing slightly down about 12 inches away from the body of the instrument. Below are the audio files for each of the elements in the track so you can hear exactly how recordings sound using the Warm Audio WA I have also included a final mix.

So the question you are all asking is, "Does it sound like a "real" German 47 mic"? And the honest answer is, "I don't know". Not the answer you wanted is it?

Let me 'double-click' on that last statement a little more. Firstly I have never recorded using a real U I have heard plenty of recordings done with them but I'm quite sure these will all have been processed in some way. Second, how do any of us know what a real 47 sounds like? Which you would have to do to be able to be able to afford a matched pair of U47 mics.

The question should really be, "Is this a great sounding valve yes valve mic"? And I am very pleased to say the answer is yes and I would like to think the recordings back this up. When used on acoustic guitar the recording sounds open and bright but not thin on top and the bass end if full but not boomy. The vocal sound is natural with again a sweet top end that allows definition in the lyrics yet the body of the voice is rich in harmonics. Instruments with a strong attack like percussion sound great and the valve helps to ease the hard edge of the sound and gives even shakers an even tone.

If you are shopping for a new mic for vocals and instrument work, you should check out the Warm Audio WA at your local dealer. I think you will be very glad you did. You can find out more about the Warm Audio WA and their other hardware products on their website. Warm Audio WA Capsule The driving force behind any mic is the capsule.

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Tube Or Valve A Slovak Republic JJ vacuum tube or valve as us Brits like to call them is a lower gain, low noise valve that forces much of the sonics of the capsule and transformer to be heard more significantly than some higher gain tubes may allow. Capacitors The WA uses a polystyrene coupling capacitor for an uncompressed top-end response from the capsule.

I've been in the studio business for forty plus years.

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