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Other than luxury sports cars, small cars generally cost less than larger models.

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They also consume less fuel, which will save you money over the long term. Opt for a smaller car if it suits your lifestyle and if your family can fit comfortably inside. Visit a dealership to see them in person before dismissing them for being too cramped. Avoid 2 door cars for a family of more than 2 people. If you have kids, intend to have kids in the near future, or drive around friends or family on a regular basis, opt for a 4 door car over a small 2 door car.

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The process of pushing up a front seat to let your backseat passengers in and out of the car will likely grow tedious over time. Sedans and hatchbacks with 2 doors are good choices with affordable options on the market.

Get a full-size minivan or SUV to suit a large family. If you regularly transport 4 or more people and need lots of trunk space, opt for a large vehicle to suit your needs.

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A minivan or SUV can carry up to 8 passengers when equipped with a second-row bench seat. Opt for a pick up truck if you regularly transport large items.

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Pick up trucks are popular and powerful vehicles with a range of options and features. If you intend to pull a trailer or haul multi-ton loads, look for a full-sized, heavy-duty pick up truck. If your cargo transport needs mostly involve hauling dirty items that you wouldn't want in the interior of a vehicle, like construction debris and mulch, opt for a compact pick up truck. Work out your car budget.

This percentage gives you room to cover your other monthly expenses, such as rent or mortgage, food, bills, and car insurance payments. Use a phone app or Excel spreadsheet to calculate your regular expenditures over a month , including money spent for entertainment and leisure, to see if more of your budget can feasibly go towards your car. Decide between a new or used car. Your budget will be the most relevant consideration when deciding between a new and used car.

Step 1. Assess Your Needs

Used cars generally offer a better value but they require careful checking by an expert to ensure that they are in good condition. Avoid buying a car that has had numerous owners, which is usually a bad sign.

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Consider fuel efficiency. If you want a fuel-efficient car and you commute less than thirty miles daily, a hybrid car is a great option. If you travel long distances on a regular basis, opt for an economy sized four cylinder car. The BMW-owned, Sussex-based manufacturer which builds some of the most luxurious vehicles in The proposal was approved by Marvin Rees, who was elected Private parking firms may have to offer motorists a minute grace period when they overstay their ticket, according to new government proposals. The proposals, which involves all private car parks in England, Scotland and Wales This means you can search by location and be confident that there is something available in your local area that will suit your requirements.

Buying and selling your vehicle is now even easier through Motors. You can quickly and easily set up your own My Garage account to advertise your vehicle for sale at no cost, and use our free car valuation service, 'Whats Mine Worth? This gives you an instant, no-obligation offer which can also act as a guide to selling for free through Motors. Our 'Ask an Expert' library of videos and guides contains top car industry professionals offering their advice and tips the most essential inspection checks, what to look out for during your test drive and how to negotiate the best deal.

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Finding the right car Buying a car is easier if you arm yourself with important knowledge from the start. Take stock of your priorities, situation and consumer rights before you start looking through adverts.

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