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Business taxes are a fact of life, and your WI LLC will need to pay a variety of taxes to both the federal and Wisconsin governments. If you want help with your taxes, Incfile provides a complete Business Tax Filing service. Instead, taxes for a Wisconsin LLC work as follows:. All LLC owners pay federal income tax on any profits, less federal allowances or deductions. There are two main types of tax that you will pay to the Wisconsin Department of Revenue: Wisconsin state sales tax and Wisconsin state income tax. You can do that by registering for Wisconsin business tax.

If you sell physical products or certain types of services, you may need to collect sales tax also known as sales and use tax and then pay it to the WI Department of Revenue. Wisconsin sales tax is collected at the point of purchase. Wisconsin sales tax rates do vary depending on the region, county or city where you are located.

You will typically need to collect Wisconsin sales tax on:. Tangible, personal property and goods that you sell like furniture, cars, electronics, appliances, books, raw materials, etc. Most states do not levy sales tax on goods that are considered necessities, like food, medications, clothing or gas.

Get details on the Wisconsin sales tax here. Sales tax rates do vary between states, counties and cities. Typically, the state will set a base sales tax rate, then specific counties and cities may levy small additional sales tax amounts on top of that. As a Wisconsin business owner, you will need to pay WI state tax on any money you pay to yourself. These earnings flow through to your personal tax return, which is where you will pay Wisconsin income tax. You will be taxed at the standard rates for Wisconsin state taxes, and you will also get to apply regular allowances and deductions.

Any salaried employees will also need to pay personal Wisconsin state taxes. The Wisconsin state tax rates vary from 4 percent to 7. Get details on the Wisconsin state tax rates here.

How to Start an LLC in Wisconsin - Short Version

It applies to all the earnings you withdraw from your Wisconsin business. The current self-employment tax rate is You will be able to deduct your business expenses from your income when determining how much self-employment tax you owe. Here are some examples of how much self-employment tax you may need to pay, depending on your earnings:. This can help you reduce the amount of self-employment tax that you pay by declaring some of your income as salary and other income as distributions or withdrawals.

We can file your Form with the IRS on your behalf. Speak to your accountant for more information on reducing your Wisconsin LLC self-employment tax through an S Corporation tax election. Plus, more than 2, online supplier catalogs give you 40, pages of detailed buying and specifying information. Must complete a registration form free to search. Skip to main content. You are here Get Help Now. Where can I register my business name? Where can I find basic business forms and checklists to help me with my business?

Where can I find sample business plans online?

Apply For a Federal Tax ID in Wisconsin

Where can I find customized information to help you start and operate a Wisconsin-based business? Where can I get answers to my exporting questions? How can I learn about health inspection requirements for my business? Health Department Inspection Businesses that involve the sale of food or lodging and hair salons will generally have health inspection requirements.

Where else can I learn more about starting, managing and growing my business?

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Wisconsin Innovation Service Center - www. Do I need a seller's permit and how do I get one? Where can I access a free database of American manufacturers? Thomas Register Home Page — www. More resources. While most businesses will need to get an EIN, some do not. Filing the EIN online takes only a few minutes and the number is available immediately. For more information about how to apply and to see our video with a step-by-step guide, check out how to file for an EIN.

While there is no general state of Wisconsin business license, a business may need to register with a variety of agencies before opening. The city hall, mayor, economic development office or even the Chamber of Commerce are all good places to contact and find if you need a business license in your community.

Obtaining financing for a small business can be a stressful and time-consuming process.

DOR Starting a Business

Similar to getting a home loan, the bank is going to want lots of documentation on your personal finances in addition to a solid idea and the business plan. That can include cash but also any buildings, tools, vehicles, inventory and equipment that will be used in the business. It is likely that the bank will want a lien on those items. Credit score is going to play a large part in getting a loan approved.

Step-By-Step Startup

There are a number of options to finance a business. After reviewing the business plan and personal financial information, they will respond with a yes, no or maybe. Yes is great but we recommend talking with at least three banks to get the best rates and terms for your business. Another thing to note is that SBA guaranteed loans will cost the owner more in closing costs, fees and interest.

In this case, peer-to-peer lending provides an interesting way to borrow money without going to a bank. Two popular options are Prosper and LendingClub. There are some small business grants. Most are for established businesses doing research and but occasionally there are private grants for business startups.

Here is more information about finding money to start a business. Before stepping into a bank for financing, it is a good idea to know your credit score. If there is anything incorrect on your report, take care of those issues before going to the bank. Higher scores not only have a greater approval rate, they also get lower interest rates, saving money over the course of the loan.

You can request a free credit report once a year from AnnualCreditReport. This information can be used to fix incorrect information. Hiring employees is a complex and often intimidating process for a new business owner as there are multiple agencies to register with and labor laws to understand. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Businesses are responsible for reporting new hires, verifying employees are eligible to work in the U.