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After all, a backup which cannot be used to restore your account is no backup at all. We cannot recover hacked accounts, lost or forgotten passwords. At work other people have email accounts with yahoo and I do not want them to know that I access my emails from the office in an emergency like when I need to print docs from my email. Your bosses at work have the ability to access to every web page you visit on their computers.

They can see the contents the contents of every email you view. In fact, if they choose, they can record every keystroke you type.

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All of the possible recovery options are mentioned in step 1 of this article. On January 1st this year someone hacked into my email account and set up 2 step verification on it. Since then I have had numerous email conversations with microsoft support and they know that some one hacked my account and changed things.

Now the thing that is very hard for me to accept is that they say they have no control of who gets into or uses the account,but surely they as programme writers have the power to change this or does it mean that no one is safe and there programme is virtually worthless.

I have lost a lot of important emails and contacts through no fault of my own but they do not appear to be the least bit bothered about it. I have tried to get them to send me contact details of someone so I can take this further but its like banging your head against a wall they just do not appear to want to help. They know my account was hacked so surely they must have the IP address of the hacker and be able to restore my account. It may help to think about the various people involved in this whole scenario. Yes, Microsoft has lots of great programmers who could make changes to the code.

Any good company will not allow their customer service crew to have access to sensitive information.

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At the most they will be able to see the last 4 digits and the expiration date. Also there is no reason for the tech support person to lie about what kind of access they may have for recovering your account.

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Hope that helps. My father got a call from his friends saying that he has forwarded some email to them when he actually hasnt. Is there any further risk for my father? This can be done very easily by anyone who knows your email address and the addresses in his address book. The can easily fake his address in the From: field. I have been recently hacked and immediately changed my password and activated a 2-step verification option when logging on from different devices and locations, but still have the concern that copies of my emails are being sent to the hacker.

Many thanks. It is possible, but it would be via an option in your email accounts settings and options that you should verify as not having been set. Hi Leo. How is this possible? Any suggestions? If you are able to log on to your Gmail account, in addition to the 7 things described in this article, I would check to see if that account is set up to forward email to another account and change that if applicable. I have a question regarding mail sent on myspace. Example, me responding to a message.

It could be that the other person lives in a different timezone, or has the time set incorrectly on their computer, or simply a glitch in how MySpace handles their messages. I accidentally stumbled across this site. Plus we work at a place that takes cc over the phone and he has my in-laws Unlimited card number though somehow crossing all of our text messages. Actually Microsoft was very helpful for free , deleted all contacts, copied all fake url or IP information , backed up everything onto PC then memory stick, and much more.

So, my husband and I learned this time. However not lazy enough to go through all this bullshit for free money. Thank you for this site and being invisible to my hacker. I really wish I could be as low as him and hack into his stuff making him more broke to our knowledge than he already is. I will definitely be back to keep up dates for my phones, etc. Please listen to Leo. No joke. Again thank you for more information. We are eternally grateful. Live your life in reality and not so much via electronics. Getting hacked is probably the best thing that ever happened to you.

Brings you back to reality. While I can understand the sentiment, email has connected me with more people more closely than anything else so far. Email made it all easier. Email made it all more likely to happen.

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Email made all this real connection possible. In reality. I could agree more. Email, Facebook, LinkedIn, Skype, etc. Being able to FaceTime with my sister and her family in New Zealand and seeing photos of my nephews on Facebook is simply awesome.

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All my contact lists have a fictitious entry that has my email address from another account. If it gets a message, I find out immediately. That tells me I need to get busy and start with the hard work on the hit account. Thanks so much for the kick in the rear regarding hacking of email accounts. I realized how vulnerable I am and how important my email and contacts are so I have now switched to two step verification on Outlook.

By the way my Outlook. I notice that the article recommends using long passwords, which is sensible enough. People are generally advised to use increasingly long complicated passwords. This will not help if the password has been found out by some means. So increased length is meant to make it harder to guess passwords by using brute force i. The reason why passwords are having to increase in length is because computers are increasingly faster at processing permutations and techniques are improving the permutational chances.

But an 8 random character password would be as effective as a 28 character password if login attempts were limited even to For example, the reason why a 4 number credit card pin is regarded as satisfactorily safe is because you only get 3 goes at entering it. So, why are unlimited guesses for email accounts still permitted? Two-step verification provides some additional protection too. If a password is found on one account, hackers may well try them on other accounts. Additionally, if you use Outlook.

Easiest way for hackers to get email lists is through mobile apps. Check permissions on some ad ware apps you may have installed on your phone or tablet. Some will have access to your email and contacts. This information can then be used to hijack an email account and send emails from your address to people in your contact list. There is very little you can do once this has happened. People install apps without checking permissions they are giving up on their phone and this is why email hacking is on the rise, its not due to passwords in the majority of cases its someone using your email account to fake emails from.

Ok, this morning my sister sent me a email saying I got hacked.

How to View Private Photos on Photobucket

But it looked at the email address that was supposted to be from me and it said my email name but the was not my email server. Was I hacked? Or my sister was hacked?? I am sending spam to just one person in my contact list and i have talked to others in my contact list and no one has gotten anything. This person got spam for about 4 months while no other contacts did. I am good friend with this person reciving spam on social media. The year was back then My friend stoped reciving spam afterwards.

The actions i did then: I checked as you said recent activity in both hotmail and gmail and nothing. I looked in send folder and nothing. My Facebook has never been hacked because of full register i know and other social media. You say a typical hack is when your contacts gets spam, in this case it was only a contact. Is it more likley to be something else? All my friends says i should know for sure when it is a hack because either they get closed accounts or they get respons from MSN friends or other friends or find in sent email.

Or because their connected facebook got some posted new things or they started to write to stangers or something.