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AbdulK 14th Aug CliveT4 2nd Aug Lesley, like myself will be 80 this year. It may well be that Lesley and her husband emigrated to Australia, or New Zealand but any news will be most welcome. Thank you Reply Flag as inappropriate. DebWomers17 1st Aug Will be in his late forties think he has children We have the same biological father Peter Womersley who lives in Blackpool. Any info gladly welcomed. TIA Reply Flag as inappropriate. Hyland 22nd Jul I'm looking for Brian Smith who lived in Glasgow early 's at that time worked in the Bakery Industry Last in touch around he then was a manager at Greggs Would like to catch up again Reply Flag as inappropriate.

DesB 20th Jul Anyone from southall grammar school ? Tezza72 19th Jul Hi I'm trying to contact an old girlfriend of mine from the late 60's.

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I guess the lady would be married but I'm not sure. I do know I made a mistake not asking her to marry me. Her name is or was Pam Bishop and she came from the Wantage area. If anyone knows her could you let me know. Here again. Who gave my post the thumbs up please? LaurieW5 14th Jul I live in the U. She's deceased as on - She had 2 children. Tony Morgan married to Barbara. He served as a brigadier at the royal palace at some point in his life. May have been born a few years before or after He is also deceased.

My grandmother, Agnes Joan McCleary was her other child. She was born on 8, August, She met my grandfather, who was an officer of the U. They married on 29, June, and she moved to the U. They were from somewhere in or around Broxburn. I do not know very much about her. When I was 7 years old, my grandmother, Joan, took me with her to England where we stayed for 3 months to visit her mum who was ill with lung cancer. The day we arrived, she had to be admitted into the hospital because of complications. She stayed in the hospital for the entire 3 months.

We had to return to the U. It may have been a few months later that we received a call that she had passed. My grandmother, Joan as she was called, raised me from an infant. I called her mama mum. She passed away when I was 9, on September 9, My life was traumatized by the loss. My grandfather remarried but no one was like Joan.

She was my life. I am trying to find anything that would help me learn about her history. It will be hard to track. I do not know if her birth certificate even listed her real father, because her mum never married her dad. No clue what the circumstances were.

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I know she later married someone later with the last name of Turtle, as that was her name. But her son was a Morgan. No idea how that fits in the picture.

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I feel a connection to my grandmother so deeply. And I want to know where she came from, where she grew up, any other family members I'm unaware of. I found sara turtle death in Was her maiden name mccleary.. NicD 8th Oct Was your Grandad Willie Boyce Garrison?

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Married Uphall nr Broxburn, Scotland ? Certificate easily available from Scotlandspeople. NicD 9th Oct Sarah McCleary and John Turtle married in.

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Bath0n1an 4th Jul Can somebody help me please? David,s family hosted Ian Goodall for several days. Ian and his Wife are visiting the U. I have kept in touch with several of the New Zealand scouts for many years now but I have never been able to put David and Ian back in touch. Can anybody put me in touch with David Cook please? Tony Madden. Bath0n1an 7th Jul If my memory is correct at Horsecome Brow.

David's family hosted Ian Goodall for several days. I have kept in contact for many years now with a number of the New Zealand Scouts who stayed with us. Over the years I have been able to put many of the hosts and visitors back in touch but I have never been able to re-unite David and Ian. Can anybody help me please.

They sold this house years ago and moved to Sydney,Australia approx. Bruce was a lawyer. They had no children but always had two German Shepherd dogs.

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The last letter I had, approx. Is Bruce middle name scott. Hi I am new to this site. I am trying to find an old flame. I was at Stoke Polytechnic from September - July I now live in Poole and have been a widow for 16 years. I have one son who lives with his partner and two step children. They live in Uttoxeter, Staffordshire. I believe they may have had a girl Julia Moon born and a son Clifford Moon born Reply Flag as inappropriate.

Also can anyone advise me on how I can find out whether he and Patricia Strain had any children? I am trying to locate a friend of mine that I last saw in the early s.

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I cannot remember his wife's name. He was a keen Liverpool FC supporter, and had family connections with Liverpool and also with Sheffield. I met him in approximately when he was a lecturer at Newcastle under Lyme Staffordshire College of Further Education. We were both keen rock climbers and travelled to various places in the UK to climb.