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Online Driver’s License Renewal in Florida

Select to show Courthouse on map. Select to show Driver License on map. Select to show Job Center on map. Select to show Library on map. Select to show Park on map. Select to show Rest Area on map. Select to show State Agency on map. Call in advance for your appointment and report at least five minutes before your scheduled time. You may still appear at the driver license office without an appointment, however, the fastest service is provided through the use of appointments.

You must obtain a new license showing your new address within 10 days of the change. You may change the address on your driver license or ID card by:.

Am I Eligible to Renew Online?

NOTE: If you fail to report a change of address, you may not receive your motor vehicle registration renewal or your driver license renewal. If you are pulled over by law enforcement and the address on your driver license is incorrect, you may receive a citation. You must bring a court order or marriage certificate to a driver license office to prove your name change within 10 days of the change. Documents must be original or certified copies. If your driver license is lost or stolen, apply for a duplicate immediately.

At your driver license office you will need to:. Driver licenses are valid for four or six years. Original first time and renewal applicants, who have a conviction-free record for the past three years and no suspensions or revocations for the past seven years, will be issued a six-year license. Before you renew your license, your driving record is checked. You may also be asked to take additional exams if the examiner has a reason to question your driving skills.

Drivers may renew through the mail for two consecutive license expirations.


You may receive a mail-in renewal packet approximately 30 days prior to license expiration. There are no additional fees for renewing by mail. After your request is processed, you will receive a four or six-year renewal sticker to be placed on the back of your current license. Drivers with a digital license will receive a new license. Florida law requires that you destroy your old driver license after receiving the new license.

Members of the US Armed Forces serving on active duty outside of Florida may renew their licenses by mail without examination. Their spouses and children living with them may do the same. At least 3 months prior to the expiration of your licenses, write to: Division of Driver Licenses, Apalachee Parkway, Tallahassee, Florida or e-mail from our web site. Give your name as it appears on your license, the driver license number, your date of birth and out-of-state address and zip code. The department will advise you further by return mail. If you need an identification card, you can apply for one at any driver license office.

To get the identification card, you must:. The card will contain your color photograph, full name, sex, race, address, date of birth, and other data Department may require. Identification cards are valid for 4 years. Your local tax collector may provide full or limited driver license services. Additional service fees may be changed if you obtain a driver license or identification card from a licensed agent. Please contact your local tax collector for additional service fee information.

State law requires any male that is a U. Any driver license or identification card application consents to the Federal Selective Service System requirements.


U.S. Citizen - Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles

Current fee schedule for drivers licenses. Through the miracle of transplantation, many people here in Florida are living healthy, productive lives. However, the need for donated organs and tissues to outpace the supply. Right now, there are thousands who would be helped if more of us became organ and tissue donors. Organ and tissue donations provide each of us with a special opportunity to help others. Donation of vital organs and tissues can save lives where no other hope is available. Heart, liver, lung and kidney transplants save lives everyday.

Additionally, bone, skin, and cornea transplants often restore sight and save burn victims. When you are applying for a driver license or identification card, you may voluntary contribute to the following special trust funds:. Florida Drivers License. Florida Drivers License Types This section of the drivers manual explains the different drivers license types available in Florida and the requirements to get each type of license. Classes A, B, and C are for drivers of commercial motor vehicles such as large trucks and buses.

Classes D and E are for drivers of non-commercial vehicles. Who Needs a Drivers License? You are considered a resident of Florida if you: enroll your children in public school, or register to vote, or file for a homestead exemption, or accept employment, or reside in Florida for more than six consecutive months. The following persons may drive in Florida without having a Florida driver license if they have a valid license from another state or country: Any non-resident who is at least 16 years old.

Persons employed by the United States Government driving a United States Government motor vehicle on official business. Any non-resident working for a firm on a contract for the United States Government. This exemption is only for 60 days. Any non-resident attending college in Florida. Persons who drive only vehicles like farm tractors or road machines temporarily on the highway may drive without a license.

A licensed driver who lives in another state and travels regularly between his home and work in Florida. Non-resident migrant farm workers even though they are employed or place children in the public schools, providing they have a valid license from their home state. Members of the Armed Forces stationed in Florida and their dependents, with these exceptions: Service member or spouse claims homestead exemption All drivers in family must obtain Florida licenses Service member becomes employed All drivers in family must obtain Florida licenses , Spouse becomes employed Spouse and children who drive must obtain Florida licenses , Child becomes employed Only employed child who drives must obtain Florida license.

Learner's Drivers License A person who holds a Learner's License must be accompanied by a licensed driver, 21 years of age or older, who occupies the front passenger seat closest to the right of the driver. Requirements: Be at least 15 years old. Pass vision, road signs and road rules tests. Have the signature of one parent or guardian on the consent form if under age Two forms of identification see Identifying Yourself. Social Security Number. Must be in compliance with school attendance. The following requirements must be met in order to obtain a regular Class E license if a learner's license is issued on or after October 1, Must hold a Learner's License for at least 12 months or until the 18th birthday.

Why You Might Want To Renew Your Driver's License Early, Maybe Very Early

Must have NO convictions 12 months from the issue date of the learner's license. May have one traffic conviction within 12 months from the issue date of the learner's license if adjudication is withheld.

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A parent, legal guardian, or responsible adult over 21 years old must certify that the driver has 50 hours driving experience, including 10 hours of night time driving. Parent's Consent for Minors If you are under 18 and are not married, your license application must be signed by one parent or legal guardian. Identifying Yourself - Identification Requirements State law requires identification, proof of date of birth and social security number from all customers before a driver license or identification card can be issued.

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  • Why You Might Want To Renew Your Driver's License Early, Maybe Very Early;

Each applicant for an original first time driver license or identification card MUST present one of the following as his or her primary identification document: Primary Identification United States birth certificate, including U.