Ip address to country lookup list

This is a non-invasive way to determine geographical and other information about Internet visitors in real-time. This file is not part of Moodle distribution and must be obtained separately from MaxMind. Extract the GeoLietCity. Since Moodle 3.

This replaces the existing GeoLite legacy database used in previous versions and the new GeoIP2 database will need to be installed to use this functionality. Google Maps for IP address lookup visualization key. This is free.

  1. IP location / IP address lookup (Websites show different country/city as VPN server's location).
  2. IPv4 To Country Lookup.
  3. IP Geolocation;

V3 is now used. After updating the information in this section, IPs that are displayed as a link, such as in reports, when clicked will open new window with a Google Map indicating the location of the IP, if found and if not a private address.

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This is the list of countries that may be selected in various places, for example in a user's profile. If blank the default the list in countries. The list of countries is based on the ISO list of official country short names, but is not exactly the same. See the comment in MDL for more details.

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Second, the Project Website also makes its complete database available for download. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

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Is there a ruby gem or python module to do this? Or if there is a website which has an API. Hennes Ben Dowling Ben Dowling 3 3 silver badges 8 8 bronze badges. Here are the APIs that I personally use.

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Free IP Geolocation API and Accurate IP Location Lookup Database

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How to Change IP Address in Windows -- Change IP of Any Country

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